Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | March 24, 2011

Hogue Late Harvest White Riesling 2008

Normally I don’t rate poor, but this one though had nice fruity flavour left me with a sweet mouth that did not seem to come from a real sweetness but and add on to it, it was like if someone added a sweetener into the bothle in late production. If this wine was less sweet could be a great one, may be the harvest? May be me?, so far I don’t thik I am drinking it again.

The barman sold me out on this one but obviously is not going to have me again as a client. I asked him to see the botle, had a look at it. Nice label, I thought, kind of using good marketing for a bad product.

Well, this means my research for Riesling has at least discriminate one from the list.

Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | March 24, 2011

Castillo de Almansa Reserva Tempranillo 2008

Nice red, I had to admit that I was a litle surpirsed by how it paired with chicken, anyways just my opinion.
I don’t remember much about that day, lol, but is a good one.

Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | March 24, 2011

Ravenswood Blend Zinfandel

Good body, Rich

I am used to white (rosso) Zinfandel and I was suprised byt his red that has a great taste, my mouth was full with its blackberry like aroma and it combined perfetly with red meat.

Saw it in the wine list of the restaurant, the ist was not great but this wine caught my attention as I never thought of Red Zinfandel before, but of course I am new in this etnoloic world.

I approved it to the waiter, unfortunately he did not tried it and could not express opinion, so I was left on my own with no bias to discover it, was good.

First time I tried from Ravesnwood, I think i will explore the vineyard more inteh future.

Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | December 23, 2010

Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella 2007

Rate: Again Please!

This one was surprisingly good. It gave me a great sense of mild taste without going too hard on extremes

I have to say that at first by it smell I though it was going to test my ability to like it however it was pleasantly nice

I recommend it with pasta or meet, maybe lamb better.

I am discovering the Valpolicella name often and it seems to be a very rich in wine region of Italy. I shall visit someday

Enjoy it

value around $14

Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | December 16, 2010

Fetzer Zinfandel

The waiter came and offered me the wine menu… and i fancied for a white or rosso, so for some reason the name Zinfandel just sound funny. I ended up having a glass of a Zinfandel from California, no idea which one was but it certainly impressed me. It was fruity and little sweet, with a kind of strawberry end (not the sweet one).

I am reading Red, White and Drunk all over by Natalie McLean and I loved the chapter where Zinfandel is explained as a triumph of te grape brought from Italian immigrants to America. Resonates with me and for now on is my wine for triumphal occasions.

I have to recommend it chilli, is better that way. I saw a few brands, Fetzer and Woodbridge, my favourite from the two is Fetzer. Maybe i should have drunk the Woodbridge colder

Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | December 7, 2010

Why should I taste wine?

Believe me, the first sip was… on taste just ok, but on meaning… a liberation.


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