Jesus drank it, so we do!!!

English: Wine grapes. Español: Uvas de vino ro...

English: Wine grapes. Español: Uvas de vino rojo. Русский: Грозди винограда. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This blog is a guide for totally inexperience wine drinkers, like me, that after a few years realized that was missing of knowing the real taste of wine. In my particular case I avoided wine due to some religious principles that do not make sense anymore. In fact have been proven false.

However the time has come to enjoy and discover a whole new world of satisfaction that enhances the richness of the moments we live and taste, wines and other spirits in their right measure are excellent companions.

Are you truly free drinker? I am trying to be, let me tell you… finally I tasted WINE!!!… My eyes were opened and the heavens came upon me to tell me that there are “spirits worth of tasting.”

Please enjoy the discovery of wines & spirits with me. I will be posting my experiences discovering the beautiful world of drinking wine & spirits, the tradition, the flavour of history, the juice of life.

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