Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | September 28, 2012

The Couchard AIne & Fils Chardonnay in 2010

The Couchard AIne & Fils Chardonnay in 2010

Another great choice for a white.

The Couchard AIne & Fils produced a great Chardonnay in 2010, I paired it with sea food, and it was absolutely perfect

The signature one is from 2008, but I could not find it

I really recommend trying this one good body, some acidity its tannins are very delicious. I tasted citrus, herbs, licorice, lime and mint.

The wine has a beautiful golden color.

The winery

Since 1731, more than two centuries building a great terroir, this wine is full of history, becoming part of the first goods of international trade. It is placed on Beaune, France, capital of the Burgundy region.

The winery recommends served at 12°C avoiding over chilling

Get it! It can a great wine to taste Chardonnay for the first time.

Whites seem to be more receptive for newcomers to the wine world from the Mormon community. For the price and quality this is a wine to adventure yourself with a first sip


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