Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | September 12, 2012

Visiting wineries, what to expect, what to do?

March 2006 tasting panel convened to determine...

March 2006 tasting panel convened to determine if certain Merlots from the Okanagan could have characteristics attributable to certain geographical areas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To visit for the first time a winery may be a desire you had for a long time. Discover the fields filled with orchards and the beauty of the hills that produce that forbidden fruit juice that for a long time was coveted.
Prepare by arranging a ride or designated driver, some wineries have agreements with driving services. Also check if there is a wine route you can follow to check nor one but many wineries the same day.
Remember is tasting, you can drink it or just taste it, don’t be afraid of not consuming all served.
Wineries may have a great presentation for you to enjoy the location plus the wine, treat this visit as special because you can learn a lot about the difficulties and challenges of the art of growing good grapes. you can learn about the harvest techniques and the specialties of the terrain. Wine comes from the soil it grows from, consider the weather, locations, water sources and type of geology because all is influential and makes each wine unique. In other words you will be drinking “the place”.

Tasting wines will quickly disrupt your ability to recognize the different flavors so remember that is more about the experience than about your accuracy. In fact no one has the “right” taste for wine, we are all different and we may like different wines from the 16 million different types are commercialized today.

Some famous places in the world are: France Bourdeaux area, Spain Rioja and Priorat, Napa Valley in the USA, Okanagan Valley in Canada, Toscana region in Italy and many others

Do you love in Utah? There are a few wineries you can visit in your state

Do some research, chose the place and route, find a ride and prepare yourself to taste great pleasure.



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