Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | August 29, 2012

First sip, a first step

Joseph Smith Historic Site in Nauvoo, Illinois

Joseph Smith Historic Site in Nauvoo, Illinois (Photo credit: Pictophile)


First sip, a first step


I was thinking that to revive the blog I will include more than just an opinion on the bottles I open, but to address some of the main factors of starting the drinking path, especially for those of us who had never had a sip of the good wine or other spirits before.


Many of you like me had become to the realization religion was no longer a valid reason not to drink, as we have been lied about so many things from the Church is obvious that the “word of wisdom” is another one of them. You may reflect as I did in the benefits of abstemious life, not to drink is healthy to a point but many doctors will recommend the glass of wine daily for diets. Correct or not is true that they advise in many practices to do so. Drinking is like eating chocolates, everything in moderation…oh wait, is not a good analogy for all as I also know Mormons that don’t eat chocolate… What I mean is that alcohol can get out of control but it does not happen to everybody, learn to moderate yourself from the beginning, and you will be fine. Think of taking any kind of substance, some are legal, like chocolate but too many will create addiction, health problems and change your behaviour. Just be reasonable, learn that you have a personality that you can control and make wise decisions for yourself, not because in the 1900’s some people decided to control alcohol sales in detriment of the rest to enrich themselves…


Anyways, to drink is adding a flavour/fun spice to social gatherings or great meals. Moderation is key, and one of the advantages for a Mormon entering this realm is the caution that takes. I am planning to recommend you three steps towards your first drinking experience.


  • Moderation is key.


I don’t suggest you go for the bottle and drink and drink however it tastes it just to have the experience of getting drunk. You will hate alcohol and is bad for your liver. Beer and wine are excellent to start, probably beer is going to be a moderate start, you may want to choose them, but starting at scotch level or other strong drinks…nah, you will not like it, I assume.


My first drink was a dark beer on St Patrick Day, wrong decision too strong of a beer, better a light lager. But what I really enjoyed was having a white wine, Gewürztraminer with some fish, that blew my mind, and because it was a sweet wine it helped me to understand wine is not all bitter.  I recommend if you can, to go to one of those restaurants that pair wines with each dished, ask for serving you half the glass to share with someone, you will enjoy it.



  • Pair it with food


Instead of drinking just alcohol think on a good meal you would like to try the pairing of a wine there is plenty of suggestions online or in the back of the bottle labels. Let us say that you will be eating some great spaghetti with meatballs. Add to it a bottle of cabernet sauvignon wine, at this stage any winery, don’t go crazy on price you will not feel a difference just yet. Eat some first, taste the food and think about the flavours, then have a sip of wine letting it last in your mouth for a moment, once you do, scoop for some more food and compare how it tastes after you had the sip of wine…. Welcome to the world of flavour! Hopefully a new perspective of food and beverages is opening your curiosity right now. That is why wines are paired with foods, they enhance each other. Master the pairing and you will guarantee success on your social gatherings.


Now, pairing it with food is also going to be a safe bet for your stomach and to reduce the impact of alcohol, drink water after your wine it will help your liver so virgin still to endure the alcohol and reduce impact if you find yourself very sensitive.




  • Choose a set where you can relax. Probably home, don’t drink and drive as you know, it is important to feel relax and that you can trust people around you to help you in the process of tasting it for the first time. Good friends can be with you and experiment the social drinking. Better in company always. Don’t seat down on the chapel grounds and have a picnic with alcohol, it will only satisfy your revenge motivations for a few seconds then it will look dumb (know of someone that did it – not me). I am not an avid drinker, nor even in daily basis, I enjoy it when I know I can relax, be comfortable and have a good time.


Every sip can be a sip of freedom, don’t forget to check if your soul is still there and look up for the thunder and lightning to attack, you are condemn, is worst that many sins for the Church and so easy to do… I wonder if good brother Joseph made it to his heaven as he liked a drink or too. I think Orrin and good Joe had a blast in their bar in Nauvoo, all the bottles for them!


Enjoy and drink responsibly.



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