Posted by: Josef Hans Lara | July 5, 2011

Joseph did drink it too

My fellow mormon friends. I recently came to this interesting blog

link :

The image in the blog is just a great description of what happened before the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, founder of the mormon religion and all of its sects.

Mormons used to drink wine and other things like coffee and tea, and they counsel in their doctrine to do it in measure. However the interpretation nowadays is quite remarkable as forbids it and is even a great deal of punishment in Church discipline to have a sip of our favourite drink.

Growing up as a mormon it was clear to me the consequences of drinking and with all honesty, I putted aside all my desired for the great juice or any kind of alcohol, I did not allowed myself to be curious. It was only when I broke the tides with religion that I experimented with the great flavours of the wines.

 So the good Joseph did drink, he even allowed bar and hotel in the Joseph Smith and others in the moments before the martyrdomNauvoo community Mormons lived in. Some Mormons idealize him and will refute this…


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